Restaurante Skina – Two Michelin-star restaurant celebrating the best of Andalusia in Marbella

What is the food like?

Flamboyant European with an Andalusian homage. The winning formula at Skina is to serve popular dishes using fresh local produce, make it to perfection and served them as an art piece paired with the best wine. Expect masterpieces for each of your dish from this two Michelin-star restaurant. The Southern Spain staple of gazpacho, espetos, red prawns and squid were all on the menu on our visit in September 2021.

How is the drinks selection?

Curated by the best. As it is owned by a celebrated sommelier, you won’t expect anything less from the wine list. Marcos Granda has curated a cellar with 950 different wines over the years for his valued guests at Skina.

What is the place like?

Minimalist and to the point. The place has been designed to minimise any distraction from your appreciation of the food and wine. They have even limit the capacity to only ten diners per seating. Clean white walls against dark walnut flooring, elegant fabric dining chairs, white table cloth, a few paintings and potted plant, and that’s it. Additional al fresco seats on the pedestrianised cobbled street are available in the summer months, weather permitting.

Who are the patrons?

Tourists from around the globe where money is no object when it comes to having the best food Marbella has to offer. A more relaxed classy Mediterranean dress-code seems to be in order.

How was the service?

Impeccable. Service was sharp, prompt and friendly. Incredible knowledge of the menu and ingredients. Had no issue serving us in English given our basic command of Spanish.

Is it child friendly?

Children under the age of 14 are not permitted.

Is it dog friendly?


Good value?

Yes. Priced as a two Michelin-star restaurant and you will get what you pay for. The restaurant do not charges any discretionary service charge.

Restaurante Skina

Calle Aduar, 12

Marbella, Malaga 29601


+34 952 76 52 77


See below for what my dining companions and I indulged in for this review in September 2021 (prices quoted include VAT):


Pommery Brut Royal & Brut Rosé Royal (Recommend)

Kicked off the evening with a glass of champagne each from the genius of Madame Pommery ( A beautiful wine, fragrant to the nose – hint of fresh sweet berries. Perfect balance of sweetness and sharpness on the palate. €22 and €26 for Rosé

2012 Remirez de Ganuza Reserva (Strongly recommend)

Bold Spanish red made from Tempranillo grapes in Rioja ( As a Reserva, the wine has been aged for a minimum of three years and at least one year in an oak barrel. Fragrant bouquet of chocolate and fresh fruit on the nose. This medium bodied wine is relative dry on the palate, has rich flavour and a rounded texture. €140

1999 Don PX Gran Reserva (Strongly recommend)

This is the signature fortified wine from Bodegas Toro Albalá ( which is located 165 km from here. These exclusive Pedro Ximénez grapes have been left to mature for over 20 years in American oak barrels. Mesmerising aroma of juicy dates and raisins leading to a rounded, bold but yet light sweetness on the palate. €14 per glass


Our selection from the A la Carte menu, €149 per person.


Complimentary 1st amuse-bouche

On the top left hand side is a celebration of southern Spain’s local celebrities. Espetos, or grilled sardines – famously found in every chiringuito on a bamboo skewer – and queso payoyo – goat milk cheese made from local goat breed. Deliciously salty, creamy and cheesy.

In the foreground is a pretty leek macaron. It has a savoury nutty leek paste which worked beautifully with the hint of sweetness from the melt-in-your mouth macaron. On the top right hand side is a vegetable tower of courgette, tomato, broccoli and (wilted) shiso leaves. Refreshingly sour from the cured courgetted with sharpness from the tomato – great palate opener.

Complimentary 2nd amuse-bouche

Another artistic masterpiece. The local staple of gazpacho – tomato and pepper soup – recreated by the chef with addition of Mirabelle (yellow) plum. Cold, sour and refreshing.

Calamar con su pil pil (Squid in own pil pil) (Do not recommend)

Striking on the eye but a touch too salty for our liking. The raw squid were fresh and had a nice bite to it. There were interestingly cut into noodle-like strips. The seafood broth coupled with the fresh seaweed were unfortunately too salty and overpowered the delicate flavours of the squid.

Gambas roja, el jugo de su cabeza y chalotas de temporada (Red prawn served in own jus and seasonal shallots) (Do not recommend)

This dish suffered the same issue as the other starter. The prawns were fresh and sweet, but the sauce, made using the prawn heads, were too smoky and also a touch salty.



Lubina, el jugo de sus espinas, boniato e hinojo (Sea bass served in own jus, sweet potato and fennel) (Do not recommend)

Another mediocre dish – The sea bass was lacking in flavour and the sauce, made from fish bone stock, was overpowering. The texture was good, but the skin wasn’t crispy.

Solomillo de corzo, su jugo, frutos de temporada (Sirlion of roe deer in own just served with seasonal fruits) (Do not recommend)

The sweet and salty combination of the dish didn’t work for us. The fruity sweetness from the berries was clashing head on with the savouriness of the meaty gravy. The roe deer was cooked well, pink on the inside. The subtle flavours of the radish slices and peppery nasturtium leaves couldn’t help to bring the dish together.



Milhoja de chocolate, almendras y especias (Chocolate, almond and spices) (Recommend)

Wonderful dish. Sweet and bitter, milky and dark at the same time. A rich chocolate mille-feuille with almond ice cream and sauce. Loved the variety of flavours and textures.

Seleccción de quesos nacionales e internacionales (Our local and international cheeses) (Recommend)

Delicious cheeses. Gutted that we didn’t get their proper names. The blue was an explosion of flavours – sharp and salty. The semi-hard manchego was buttery, fruity and nutty . The hard cheese, Comte-like was fragrant and nutty.

Complimentary box of chocolates

A delightful end to a two Michelin star dining experience. Five varieties of mini-desserts presented in watch box. A lemon sponge with coconut, chocolate cake, mango with white chocolate, salted caramel chocolate and apricot with white chocolate and wafer.


Indoor dining area

Nobleza Del Sur olive oil

Leek macaron

Shizo leave with tower of courgette, tomato and broccoli

Local sardine with payoyo cheese and roe

Complimentary coffee, tea and chocolate

Two Michelin-star

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