Kaiho Sushi – Good Japanese with a Mismatched Price

I am finally at Cuppage Plaza to check out some Japanese restaurants. I have heard that there are many hidden gems tucked in this old-school shopping complex. There is nothing much here apart from Japanese restaurants and Japanese KTVs (adult karaoke joints). Kaiho Sushi, on the 3rd floor, wasn’t quite what I expected to find. It looks like your average basic Japanese restaurant with its Japanese eccentricity like random wall adverts, cloth curtains and cute ornaments by the cash counter. Your perception will change immediately as you catch a glimpse of the professionally churned out dishes. You will come to the realisation that this is not your average Japanese sushi restaurant. Kaiho Sushi serves fresh sashimi, sushi and will also offer the same fresh ingredients grilled or deep fried or in vinegar dressing. Having said that, it also comes with a price tag to match, which I thought is rich given the poor setting of Cuppage Plaza.

Kaiho Sushi Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi (S$15) and Yellowtail Sashimi (S$17)

I started off with salmon and yellowtail sashimi. They were fresh, but the salmon didn’t deliver the punch as it was sliced too thinly. I didn’t quite notice it before, but the chunkiness of the salmon does matter quite a bit to the experience.

Kaiho Sushi

Sweet Prawn (S$7), Yellowtail (S$7), Spicy Salmon Roe (S$7) and Salmon Sushi (S$5)

Next up was a selection of sushi. I ordered sweet prawn (amaebi), yellowtail (hamachi), spicy salmon roe (mentaiko) and salmon (sake). The prices above are per piece! The sweet prawn was fresh and fat. The gentle sweetness and the freshness gave it the complete package. There was a nice dose of wasabi in between the prawn and the sushi rice giving it a nice kick. The rice was beautifully flavoured with vinegar and ever so sticky. The salmon portion on the sushi is much chunkier – perfect.

Kaiho Sushi Chawanmushi

Chawanmushi (S$12)

The chawanmushi came with crabstick and and Japanese fish cake, which were very popular with the kids. Apart from that it was pretty ordinary, not exceptionally smooth as hoped.

Kaiho Sushi Octopus

Octopus Seaweed Cucumber Vinegar Dressing (S$15)

Tako Sunomono or sliced octopus and cucumber with seaweed in vinegar dressing was interesting. There is a variety of textures in the dish with the crunchiness from the cucumber, the slight chewiness from the seaweed and the softness of the octopus. The dressing is every so subtle not to over-power the natural taste of the 3 other ingredients. I think it might be better with the scallop or ebi? Will have to find out next time.

Kaiho Sushi Scallop

Scallop in Spicy Roe Paste (S$25)

Hotate Mentai Yaki or Scallop in Spicy Roe Paste was definitely the highlight of the meal. The paste or sauce from the spicy roe was rich and flavoursome, aided by the slightly burnt flavour. I could have the sauce all night long. The scallops where sliced into smaller chunks, soft and fresh. A must try.

Kaiho Sushi Soft Shell Crab Tempura

Soft Shell Crab Tempura (S$15)

Soft Shell Crab Tempura was decent. Not the best I had, but sufficiently crunchy. I would have liked it to be more fluffy and crunchy at the same time. The dipping sauce was also average. Maybe stay away from the tempura here.

Kaiho Sushi California Hand Roll

California Hand Roll (S$5)

California hand roll was beautifully made. The seaweed was crisp and the ingredients were held nicely together with a good amount of mayo. Having said that, I think the avocado seems to be missing…

Kaiho Sushi is a good Japanese sushi restaurant. The service was prompt and professional. But with the price range it is charging, I think there are very stiff competition out there. At about S$80 per head, I think I will probably be spending it elsewhere. It will need a major renovation to bring its interior inline with the higher end prices.

This restaurant is kids friendly. There are baby chairs and sufficient room for prams. It charges 10% for service charge and 7% GST.

Kaiho Sushi

5 Koek Road

Cuppage Plaza #03-01/02

Singapore 228796

+65 6738 1315 Visit Kaiho Sushi Website

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